"Tips on Presentation Design and Delivery"

Dr. Matthias Reumann


Giving presentations has become part of every researchers daily routine. It is an essential skill with which one conveys ideas, methods and results. Furthermore, presentations can be used to "sell" your work and make good arguments. Preparing for presentations is an essential key for good delivery. Not only need the presentation design be well structured and easy to understand, the delivery of the presentation needs to be practiced, too. Depending on the audience, the presenter will face different challenges that can be prepared for.

In this workshop the participants will learn how to structure a presentation as well as how to design it. We will also discuss presentation styles and how presentation delivery can be improved. By working in peer groups the participants will have an opportunity to actively learn the methods. Therefore, the participants are encouraged to bring their presentations to the workshop so that it will give a great opportunity to practice and as a basis for the learning exercises.