"Cell-based BioMEMS"

Dr. Douglas P.T. Yung
Dept. of Electronic Engineering,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Biomedical Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (BioMEMS) are increasingly important for a myriad of applications on miniature biosensors and medical diagnostics. Some of the appealing characteristics include (1) device miniaturization on a length scale similar to biological species; (2) synergy of electrical and mechanical parts to provide integrated sensing and actuation; (3) efficient and inexpensive fabrication amenable to mass production; and (4) versatility and reconfigurability for high-throughput parallel operations. Recently, there is a growing interest in combining living cells with MEMS to provide a novel platform for probing cells and microorganisms at a micrometer scale, as well as the integration of cells with electronics. This talk introduces basic concepts on bioMEMS, microfabrication technologies, sensing and actuation technologies, and research frontiers in cell-based bioMEMS.


Douglas Yung is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He received BSc in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics/Applied Science from UCLA in 2003 and PhD in Bioengineering from Caltech in 2008. He received the NASA Postdoctoral Fellowship and worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California in 2009. His research interests include optical and electrical interfacing between cells and chips, microfluidics, cell-based biosensors, medical sterilization technology and astrobiology.